Cloud Computing

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Imagine IT world, with no software or hardware upgrades, no contract renewals, no security issues, and no worries about business continuity.
This is no longer a dream; all these wishes can come true with deployment of Cloud computing technology at a click of the Mouse. This might sound too good to be true, but we believe it is.
With cloud computing you get all the functionality and features of running your IT services locally, but none of the typical headaches of IT infrastructure on-site.
Under current economic climate, cloud computing can contribute to a reduction in cost and increase  in productivity of businesses, great or small.
Information technology has become just a utility—like telecom or electricity. The provider delivers the IT services; you pay based on how much computing power you use.

Power to the desktops

Delivers applications, secure information with high availability whenever and wherever it''s needed. There is no need to have a powerful computer for separate department or certain users, all the devices on your company’s desktop are the same, greatly reducing the cost and managing the devices, they all look equal but some are more equal than others. This is only possible by deploying cloud computing technology as this is one of the main feature of virtual computing technology to deliver that extra power for the user in its virtual environment. You make the computer work the way you want it.

A few silver linings for Cloud Computing
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Fast Deployment cycle   

When new solution is deployed a lot of time and energy is wasted on defining the right infrastructure, hardware and software specification and procuring them then the real headache of staged deployment. With Cloud computing all these activities are done on the servers without a visit to the desktop in a short space of time. Cloud computing is a speedier way of getting IT together by offering fast deployment cycle.

Beneficial for Small to Medium size businesses

Cloud computing enables smaller companies have the similar IT infrastructure of corporate giants. Smaller companies can have the same computing power and applications as the big boys at no extra set-up cost.
Cloud services virtually eliminate the need for large infrastructure investment, allowing smaller customers to obtain IT services without major capital expenditures. And because cash flow is a top concern for many of these organizations, small businesses are ideal candidates for cloud computing solutions offered at predictable monthly rates.

Environmentally friendly

Cloud computing is green because it is more efficient in utilisation of computer resources within the data centre. Fewer computers serving more users- less is more. As a result power consumption goes down. Lower power consumption means reduced carbon footprint.
By running servers in data centres round the clock with 100 per cent utilisation, cloud computing becomes far more efficient than servers running locally with high level of idle time.  By offering computing resources to different time zones, it would be possible to reduce the energy consumption even further and hence gaining massive reduction in carbon footprint.

Cloud computing main features:

  • Lower initial capital costs
  • Lower running cost
  • Greater flexibility
  • High availability
  • Lower Carbon Footprint